about me


img-meh-work My name is Michał Łyszczek (or Michal Lyszczek if your browser doesn't support Polish ogonkis), my educated profession is Electronics, but I was always drawn to software engineering. Connecting these two professions I acquired dual-class Programmer-Electronic. No wonder my favorite language by choice is C and embedded devices. I love all microcontrollers. From these tiny 8-bit one, through no-so-popular 16-bit ending with powerfull big 32-bit mcus. I am advocate of free and open-source software. I create complete solutions for embedded devices, starting from bootloader, through kernel configuration, ending with writing applications that meet clients requirements. I love simplicity above anything else. Only that can guarantee system to be stable and functional for many years. Beside programming itself, I also manage all things that is near it, like I manage build server for various operating systems and architectures to test software. I also mange git, www, print, file, rsync and many more services. I love automatization. I automate almost everything, so I can focus on pure programming, and let those pesky little things be handled by my scripts.


img-meh-priv When I'm not programming I like to play on guitar, keyboards or drums. With these I try to compose some rock/metal music, then record it and publish in the internet for some fame. I also like to go out into some mountains to burn all these kilograms of chips I ate during coding. When I'm bored I like to laugh from Flat Earth Sosciety (unless they belive earth is flat, resting on the backs of four huge elephants which are in turn standing on the back of an enormous turtle), so I am interested in physics to have some more arguments in my pocket than simple yet powerful (you're a fool!). Next to classical physics I love weird relativistic mechanics and totally unbelievable quantum physics. I also like to dive into computer RPG games, where player can steal goods right in front of the shopkeeper, and then immediately sell it to him. Those are funny.